No Spare Time

 Larry Lynch said; “Hey….why don’t we start a band?”

He said that back in 2011. He said that to Gary Weber, Daniel Caton, Doug Bonny and Wes Parks; after a great jam session where they all just, musically clicked, “No Spare Time” was born…..and truly…no one had any ‘spare time’ to form a bluegrass band, but they did.

But, trust me…many, many fans and friends are glad they did.

Time marched on and Doug moved out of state; leaving the lead singer position vacant.

Wes (a virtual Jedi of the 5 String), called Gary Bates; an old band mate from Chesapeake, Va. Gary Bates brought quite a skill set to No Spare Time, as their new lead singer/rhythm guitarist

As Daniel Caton’s collegiate obligations became more demanding, his availability as No Spare Time’s lead guitarist became exceedingly challenged. Mickey Justice, then on occasions, began to fill that fifth band member role. In 2017, Mickey accepted the offer to be a full time member, playing mandolin with additional vocals. That, in turn, shifted Gary Weber from mandolin to fiddle. No small feat, because Gary is just that awesome! …and Larry? Larry holds down the most solid upright bass work that you could dream of……and smiles every time the band hits those expertly timed stops!

Dan still joins the band when he is available; making No Spare Time, in essence, a six piece traditional and contemporary ‘driving’ bluegrass band….taste, tone, timing and punch!

Above all…..these guys are the best of friends and would be bonded together even if they didn’t play a single note – and THAT makes their music GREAT.